Golf Power Impact Swing Aid Waterproof Practice Training Smash Hit Strike Bag Trainer Exercise Package Multi function|Golf Training Aids|

Color: Yellow
Ships From: China



1. Designed and manufactured for golfer to practice and correct swing gesture, safe and reliable;
2. To practice and help players find a more solid touch feeling;
3. Make batter' swing strong and powerful;
4. Help player master right swing gesture and quickly correct right and left curve ball.
5. Cloth strips, old clothes and other soft items are recommended to fill in.
6. Please do not fill in sand, soil, stones and other hard objects.
7. Do not practice or smash with hard force in case of pulled muscle or damaging bag;

Product name: Golf Swing Training Package Aid Golf Impact Contact Power Smash Bag
Material: high density waterproof material
Application: for practicing and training golf swing
Product weight: about 534g

1 X Golf Impact Contact Power Smash Bag



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